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Open Hours

Monday – Friday 17:00 – 22:00
Saturday 10:00 – 16:00
Sunday 10:00 – 16:00

David Keswick Athletic Centre
Marchmount, Dumfries, DG1 1PX

Open Hours

Monday – Friday 17:00 – 22:00
Saturday 10:00 – 16:00
Sunday 10:00 – 16:00

David Keswick Athletic Centre
Marchmount, Dumfries, DG1 1PX

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School Of Football

First and foremost a project aimed at developing the social and academic skills of young people during their first and second year of high school.

We work on the basis that many skills developed while working in a football environment are transferable to school work and social situations.

Communication skills, following instructions, being creative and problem solving are skills either naturally acquired or developed when learning to play football, but can also be applied in classroom situations, in the playground, at home or in the street.

For many young children, football and sport is an activity that captures their imagination and brings joy and happiness to their life. This is why through the School of Football project we use the sport to engage participants in school life as a whole.

Today a highly qualified (accredited by Scottish FA) coach is employed for the daily delivery and coordination of each School of Football and is responsible for the daily running the project.

Coaching takes place during school time after an appropriate timetable has now been implemented and developed by the school. In most cases one subject is dropped to make space for football with support provided by staff to allow the pupil to remain up to date with their studies.

As mentioned before, the primary focus of the School of Football project is to develop the person as a whole, not just as a football player. However, in order for the coaching sessions to run smoothly and efficiently the ability of the player must be of a competent standard. Having said this, it is important to understand that it is not simply about selecting the most talented players.

Football is more than just an elite or recreational sport, it is an activity that can motivate and inspire people to achieve more in their life.

The sessions delivered by the coach aim to assist each participant in the achievement of Curriculum for Excellence outcomes including an ability to communicate effectively, being responsible for actions, contributing to their own and others learning experiences and becoming more confident people.


Exercise To Happiness Programme

After an initial 12 pilot project, “Coping Through Football”, which examined effects of Sport as tool to improving metal health and resilience and physical health, the Exercise to Happiness Project currently run in Dumfries as a project which uses Sport and Exercise as a tool for both preventative measures and as part of a treatment programme for those with an ongoing mental health diagnosis.

The initial pilot project gave fantastic results, with 15-20 men taking part in football training and small sided games each week. Each participant was shown to have an improvement in levels of anxiety, depression, and general psychological wellbeing and to have lost weight. The results were so positive, both physical and mental health score improved and many reported having more confidence, sleeping better and less anxious. All participants have lost weight and improved pulse rate and blood pressure was recorded in over 50% of participants.

The Greystone Rovers Foundation now delivers 2 sessions a week as part of the Exercise to Happiness Project. On a Monday at 4:30pm the group meets at the Queen of the South Arena for an hour of training and small sides games. This group is a focused on having fun, learning new skills, improving confidence and improving mood while allowing men to be physically active.

Cost: £1.50 per session. On a Tuesday at 2pm the Foundation delivers a Womens Exercise Class from St Georges Church Hall on George Street. This is a low impact exercise group tailored by our Physiologist and Sport Scientist. This group is a small and intimate group which allows women who would not usually have the confidence to attend an exercise class, the opportunity to improve physical fitness and mood. Cost: 3!.50 per session.

Greystone Rovers Foundation, delivery the project with support from other agencies including National Health Services, Mental Health Association and Scottish Football Association.

The group is available to anyone who reports feelings of low mood, anxiousness or poor mental resilience and to those who have a diagnosis of a mental health condition. This innovative approach brings together several supports agencies’, in this manner and location, to allow those with AND without mental health diagnosis to access services and expertise to help combat mental health and the associated physical health problems Referral forms and posters/images attached.


Swingnastics Exercise Class

The Swingnastics class is an exercise to music, low impact class for women over the age of 55. The class runs twice a week, Tuesday 11am-12pm and Friday 11am-12pm, both sessions held in St Georges Church Hall, George Street, Dumfries. Cost: £3 per session. The aim of the class is both to improve physical fitness and provide a group to socialise. As the population ages, we must help reduce social isolation and improve quality of life. The classes focus’s improving joint health and strength, improving muscle strength and cardiovascular health. We have ladies of a variety of health conditions who attend, including hip, knee and shoulder replacements, arthritis, osteoporosis and many more. All exercises can be modified to suits the individual’s needs.

Jims Fitba

Every Saturday and Sunday evening the 3G facilicy is open 6pm-8pm for all Youths aged 12-18 years. The aim if this event is to give youth somewhere to go on an evening weekend where they can play as wish! Kids from all over Dumfries and Galloway come along and play for £1 per evening. There is no rules as to what you have to do! Just come along with your friends and play as you wish! This give local youths a save environment in the evening. Currently attended by up to 70 kids each week! As long as you have the right footwear on you are allowed in!!


Walking Group

The walking group meets weekly, leaving from St George’s Church Hall at 1:30pm every Wednesday. The group walk for approximately 1 hour and then enjoy and cuppa at the end! This group again allows people to socialize and get physically active in a safe environment. Cost: £1 per walk.

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